By 90Min
August 22, 2017

Crystal Palace gave the chance for fans to send in any questions they had for club chairman Steve Parish under the naive assumption that people would actually take the activity seriously.

How wrong the matchday programme editors were, for this is the land of Twitter - where the art of silliness and banter override everything else, and likely always will.

The club were hoping to receive an abundance of questions for Parish to answer and be published in the programme for the game against Ipswich in the Carabao Cup on Tuesday.

One set the tone by asking 'Would you rather be a reverse centaur or a reverse merman?' whilst another questioned how much Parish benches in the gym, complete with accompanying image of the topless chairman.

Things took a dark turn as one asked 'Can we have Kayla the eagle swoop in and kill a seagull on the pitch before we play Brighton?' and another was keen to know just how Parish styles those slick locks into place.

There were questions aplenty sent in by intrigued fans, including some serious ones about potentially signing Mamadou Sakho and the new manager Frank de Boer, but here's hoping Parish joins in the bants and actually answers some of the more obscure ones in the programme. Watch this space...

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