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August 22, 2017

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the most heavily followed footballers on Instagram.

The former Manchester United striker, who could still yet sign a new deal with the Red Devils, has over 27 million followers on the social media website, where he has recently plugged his new video game and showed himself working out in gyms.

With all the publicity and attention the former Sweden international gains from his Instagram, would you forgive Ibrahimovic for wanting a little more privacy when it comes to his internet usage?

Well, according to Expressen, the ex-Paris Saint-Germain man has created a private Instagram account, separate from his main one, in order to interact with friends without being stalked by his mass of online followers.

Ibrahimovic's secret account is a locked profile called "Leif Kihl", an account that has no published pictures, follows 116 people and is followed by just 22.


The account commented on a photo posted by Ibrahimovic's former Sweden teammate and ex-Southampton and Feyenoord right-back Alexander Ostlund.

In this picture, "Leif Kihl" asked if the chair Ostlund was sitting on was an "expensive o rented beach chair?".

Prime time... 🍻🌵🔥🎾 #thesilence 🖐

A post shared by Alexander (@alexanderostlund) on

On another of Ostlund's holiday snaps, Leif Kihl quips: "Who's the fan of Yoga?"

La playa de los gringos...

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A secret account seems a strange thing for Ibrahimovic to pursue, especially seeing as the 35-year-old is notoriously forthright with his views and rarely keeps his opinions to himself.

Nevertheless, Ibrahimovic is known to be something of a jokester and could easily be winding his former teammate up through an anonymous profile. Still without a club, it's one way for the legendary Swede to keep himself busy.

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