Barcelona 'Announces' Angel Di Maria Signing After Twitter Account is Hacked

Barcelona's Twitter account announced the signing of Angel Di Maria–after it was hacked.
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It appears that even a massive club like Barcelona is not safe from having their social media accounts hacked, if some bizarre behaviour on Tuesday night is anything to go by.

The Catalan giants have suffered the indignity of seeing their Twitter account hacked into and mucked about with by a security group going by the name of Our Mine, and the hackers wasted no time in causing a load of mischief in the brief period they were able to access Barca's official account.

A screen grab acquired by 101GreatGoals shows the hackers calling on La Blaugrana's fanbase to get a hashtag trending, but it is another tweet that they sent out that caused a bit of consternation among Barcelona fans before the club wrested back control of its outlet:

Yep, that's Our Mine joking that none other than former Real Madrid star Angel Di Maria would be heading to Nou Camp to help replace the void left by Neymar.

The irony in all this is that Di Maria has been tentatively linked with a move to Catalunya as a potential replacement for the Brazilian superstar, but with Barca chasing Ousmane Dembele and Philippe Coutinho, the Argentina forward should remain at the Parc de Princes for some time yet.

Football fans on Twitter were a tad disappointed - if that's the right word - that the hackers didn't take advantage of their access and troll Barca's fans with something more outlandish, such as this:

Others just couldn't help but use Our Mine's #FCBHack to have their own fun mocking one of the world's biggest clubs, so here's a roundup of some of the best reactions:

We imagine that those in charge of Barcelona's Twitter account will be changing their password on a regular occurrence to prevent this happening again!