Former Liverpool Director of Football Damien Comolli Says Philippe Coutinho Will Stay at Club

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Former Liverpool director of football Damien Comolli has expressed his belief that Philippe Coutinho will not move to Barcelona this summer.

The Brazilian midfielder has been the subject of three bids from the Catalan club, all of which have been categorically rejected by Liverpool.

And Comolli has stressed that there is no need for the Premier League club to sell due to the financial position they now find themselves in.

“The landscape of world football has changed so much over the last two years," the Frenchman told talkSPORT.

“If you would have told Liverpool two years ago that they will get a bid £100million for any of their players, they would have said: ‘thank you very much, tell us where to drive the player and we’ll do it ourselves’. But there’s so much money coming into the clubs now that they don’t really need the cash!

“There’s such an arms race for talent that all the big clubs are fighting each other, because they can only reinforce themselves with players from other big clubs and by definition the big clubs don’t need the money.


“My gut feeling is this deal will not happen because Liverpool don’t need the money. Coutinho is their most creative player and if they lose him they will destroy everything they’ve been trying to build since Jurgen Klopp arrived at the club.”

He added: “What would they do with that money, who do you buy to replace Philippe Coutinho in today’s market?

“Do you go to Arsenal for Alexis Sanchez? They will say no. Do you go to Juventus for Dybala? They will say no.”