VIDEO: Birmingham City Fan Misses Entire Game Following Ridiculous Toilet Break

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A loyal Birmingham City fan missed the entirety of his side's game against Reading on Saturday, after a lengthy trip to the toilet.

Seen via Youtube, a video of the incident has emerged, revealing the Blues supporter had fallen asleep in a lavatory cubicle as Harry Redknapp's men battled the Royals. 

Please be advised that the video is rather sweary.

Only having surfaced hours after the final whistle, the lad captured the moments after he woke up. It makes for a thoroughly enjoyable watch. In his footage, we see an eerily empty and quiet ground, and hear his thoughts on the situation at hand. Despite the language being rather choice, the footage is highly amusing.

Soon, he finds a City staff member to ask what an appropriate plan of action would be, asking a surprised steward on what to do next.

"Oi mate, I fell asleep in the toilet, in the cubicle," he explains. "How do I get out?"

The sleepy supporter's mood only truly sours when he finds out his beloved Blues lost 2-0.

"You're f****** joking me." 

Perhaps during the next game at St. Andrews, the fan may be able to catch at least a half of his team's match, and will surely be extra careful when 'resting his eyes' whilst in the comfort of the loo.