By 90Min
September 01, 2017

After apparently convincing friend Romelu Lukaku to join Manchester United instead of Chelsea, Paul Pogba spawned his own 'agent' style meme for the part he played in that transfer.

Just one month after that mission was completed, is agent Pogba up to his old tricks again? United fans seem to think so, judging by the latest post on his Instagram account.

Pogba uploaded an image of himself and reported Arsenal and Liverpool target Thomas Lemar following France's 4-0 drubbing of the Netherlands on Thursday, and some supporters have wondered if the image's accompanying caption has any ulterior motive.

Pogba wrote: "Happy with yesterday's result! Working for the next goal."

Now usually such a comment would be passed off looking ahead to France's next World Cup qualifying match. Given Pogba's history, however, is it possible that "the next goal" refers to trying to tempt Lemar to join United in the near future?

Perhaps not, but that won't stop conspiracy theorists putting two and two together in the hope that Lemar will be donning a Red Devils shirt soon.

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