By 90Min
September 03, 2017

Dave Sullivan Junior, son of West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan Senior, has refused to rule out the possibility that the Hammers may eventually buy the London Stadium. 

The controversial  stadium is currently owned by Newham Council and E20 LLP, but it is costing the taxpayer millions of pounds in upkeep.

In an interview with Sport Bible, when asked about the possibility of his father buying the London Stadium outright in the future, Sullivan Junior said: "I cannot comment on that, but it is certainly a possibility." West Ham pay £2.5m-a-year to rent the stadium.

However so far this season West Ham have been unable to play their football there due to the World Athletics Championships being held in Stratford. The Hammers have had to play their first three games away from home and they have not fared well, losing all three.

Also in the interview when asked about the future of West Ham with regards to who will be the next chairmen, Dave Sullivan Junior said: "I personally think Jack (his brother) is more likely to be the chairman of West Ham, however I would still like some input.

"Jack is currently working with the Ladies team in order to gain the experience he needs. Jack is also looking into working with clubs in other countries. 

"Whereas I am focused on my own project and West Ham is not in my immediate future. However I will still retain my shareholding and one of the Sullivans will be the chairman."

However, he did say it was possible that someone else could buy the club on the provision they would take West Ham further than the Sullivans could.

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