VIDEO: Ballsy Teen Pays Comical Price for Ill-Advised Pitch Invasion During Malta vs England

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As per maltatoday, in a somewhat ironic reversal of the old adage 'crime doesn't pay', a 16-year-old lad who invaded the pitch during England's away win at Malta has been banned from all Maltese sporting facilities for an ENTIRE year.

We're sure he's devastated.


The rebellious teen appeared before magistrate Joe Mifsud on Sunday morning, accompanied by his mummy. His name is being withheld on court's orders, so rumours that he might actually be Banksy or 'V' from 'V for Vendetta' are currently unfounded.

And hey, he did warn us of his intentions, so perhaps we're all partly responsible; before the match, which England ultimately won 0-4, the boy tweeted: “I'll go live on instagram...everyone get there for the Malta V England pitch invasion #MalEng

Well, at least he's true to his word.

Meanwhile, inspector Elliott Magro reportedly had to restrain other supporters from following the young England fan's lead; which is lucky for them, because the unnamed prankster had to do some hard time by spending the night in a police lock up. Let that be a warning to you all.

The boy is apparently studying computing, and despite his foolish mistake - hey, we were all young once - you learn from experience. Also, it must be stated that when the court asked what team he supported, his response can only be met with pity and understanding...perhaps this was the REAL reason behind his childish behaviour... 


Yep. He's an Arsenal fan. If ever there was a team that would cause its supporters to act with reckless abandon and be damned the consequences, then it is surely the Gunners.  

“You always come close but never win anything,” joked the magistrate, who is apparently well-known for being a Juventus supporter. Still, he made sure to reprimand the boy, and conceded that despite the fact his 'crime' was largely inconsequential, it was still wrong, irrespective of motivation.


Rather more seriously, the UK authorities look set to impose a minimum 6-year travel ban and a lifetime exclusion from attending games. Still the Maltese magistrate was far more lenient, and along with the aforementioned ban from all Maltese sporting facilities, he hit the youngster with a seemingly reasonable €200 fine and the somewhat throwaway line: 

''You’re welcome to return to Malta. You're not a hooligan.''

It really is the little things in life.