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September 05, 2017

Gianluigi Buffon has named Brazilian legend Ronaldo as the best striker he has ever had the pleasure of squaring up to on the football pitch.

The legendary Italian goalkeeper was speaking at length to Spanish newspaper Marca about a range of topics, when he was quizzed on which player gave him the toughest test of his glittering career.

Describing the former striker as someone who had been "created in a lab", Buffon explained why Ronaldo was the superstar who posed him the most problems out of any opposing player both at club and international level.


He said: "The striker who caused me all kinds [of trouble] was Ronaldo, the Brazilian one. He was the perfect player, as he had power, speed, intuition technical skills and quickness. 

"He was a jaw-dropping player. It seemed like he was created in a lab."

Buffon has spent the past 17 years at Serie A giants Juventus following a decade-long spell at his previous club Parma.

The 39-year-old has no doubt been inundated with offers from other big European clubs but has always opted to stay in his home nation - a decision he puts down to wanting to work with the same individuals on a daily basis.

He continued: "It [staying at the same club) is because I like the sense of belonging, which is why I spent 10 years at Parma and now 17 at Juventus. 

"I like to work in a group of fixed people, who I get on and coexist well with. You end up feeling like an important part [of the team], so I decided to stay in it forever."

Valerio Pennicino/GettyImages

As the veteran shot stopper enters the final season of his playing career, attentions will naturally turn to what the future holds for Buffon.

Asked whether he was worried about life off the pitch or if he'd consider becoming a football manager, Buffon revealed what he expected to be doing with his time.

He added: "I'm not scared [about retirement] because I love life. I owe a lot to football because it has allowed me to experience incredible emotions. I'm not attracted to that idea [management] right now because it is a difficult and stressful job."

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