By 90Min
September 06, 2017

Jose Enrique announced his retirement from football on Wednesday, citing fitness issues as the reason for his exit.

Enrique spent five years 'playing' for Liverpool, following a four-year stint at Newcastle during which he made 127 appearances. He left for Real Zaragoza last year, but at 31 is unable to continue playing as his body just won't let him.

"Would have loved to have played more years if my body had let me," he wrote on Instagram.

And on Sky Sports added: "Sometimes I got dizzy in training, I was on so much medication.

"After every game my knee swelled like a ball and I was barely able to walk for three days. Something that was supposed to be for three months ended up turning into two years.

As you can imagine, Enrique has received lots of support from fans, players and former teammates. But Jamie Carragher won't be getting such an opportunity - at least not via Twitter, as he has revealed that his ex-colleague has blocked him.

Carragher, now a pundit at Sky Sports, is paid to analyse and criticise players. So it wouldn't surprise if Enrique simply didn't take kindly to one of his remarks.

He'd probably take a call, though.

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