By 90Min
September 06, 2017

Juan Mata has revealed that he is trying to get his Manchester United team-mates and Jose Mourinho to join him in donating one percent of their salaries to charity. Mata believes he will be able to convince other stars at Old Trafford to sign up to ‘Common Goal’.

According to reports in The Telegraph , the Berlin-based organisation revealed that 12 more players had followed Mata in joining the scheme. Although only Germany defender Mats Hummels’ name has been made public so far.

However, none of Mata's current teammates have actually joined the scheme yet. When asked if any will do Mata said: “They will. I’m almost ready to say who. We have more players coming but it is step by step.”

“The final idea would be for the whole professional industry to commit, not just the footballers. Sometimes football can have a bad reputation but there are great people in football who are trying to help. I believe there are great values in football and, if this helps on that, then great,” said Mata.

He added: “We are human beings and we react in different ways but everyone understands what we are trying to do. Everyone understands we are in a lucky position, we are privileged and many others are not so lucky. We are going to try and reach every footballer out there. I think it will get bigger in the next few weeks and months.”

The 29-year-old also said manager Mourinho “will” join them, insisting doing so would not cut across any of their existing charity work. For further charity information, go to

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