By 90Min
September 06, 2017

Former Newcastle striker Shola Ameobe is now plying his trade at Notts County, having spent 14 years with the Toon.

And his record against their rivals Sunderland  - seven goals in 16 appearances - is only second to that of Jackie Milburn.

Speaking in an interview with the Guardian, the Magpies legend insisted that he didn't do anything special when suiting up against the Black Cats in the derby, claiming it was simply destiny.

“For every Newcastle fan, it is the pinnacle to beat the Mackems,” Ameobi said. 

“And for me to score that many goals against them – it endeared me to the Newcastle fans and I am forever grateful for that. I didn’t do anything different for those games. It was just destiny. 

"The volley in the 5-1 stands out. It was just the occasion, the atmosphere and the technique was very hard. To be able to produce that in such a setting was very fulfilling.”

The 35-year-old still goes back to help out at his old club when he has time off from Notts County, and still has his home there.

“I’m still helping out on days off [from Notts County],” he added “Newcastle is home and it’s where I live, even if I stay down in Nottingham during the week. 

"I work with Newcastle’s academy players, the schoolboys; from 12s to 16s. It’s doing sessions and working with the strikers. I am doing it when I can. 

"It’s something I’m passionate about – I have been all my career – and it’s helped me, as well. It lets me see the game from a coach’s perspective. It’s really broadened my horizons.

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