By 90Min
September 08, 2017

Call me out for stating the obvious, but footballers and tattoos have become synonymous over the past few years.

There's not many football stars these days who aren't sporting at least one or two bits of body art, and there are quite a few who have taken getting inked to a whole other level.

One such example is Watford new boy Andre Gray, who recently took to Twitter to show off his so-called "masterpiece" that honours some of history's biggest black icons:

Erm... yeah, definitely a piece of art that's up there with the best of Da Vinci and Van Gogh, Andre.

Not one to miss an opportunity to poke fun at famous people on the social media site, football fans came up with some responses to Gray's tweet in typical fashion:

There were also plenty of supporters who opted to support him and state how much they liked the work:

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