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September 09, 2017

Manchester City were victorious against Liverpool in the Premier League fixture that finished 5-0 but Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville claims that the red card shown to Reds' winger Sadio Mane ruined the game.

It was the 37th minute of the game in which Liverpool looked promising, despite being a goal down. Mane chased a ball through but was beaten to it by a header from City keeper Ederson, inevitably Mane followed through with his foot and caught Ederson in the face. Referee Jon Moss showed the red card and according the Mirror, Neville believes it ruined the game.

Neville said: "Jon Moss, you have just ruined the game there. It's a 50-50 really and Ederson just gets there first. Sometimes a stadium can tell you if it's a bad challenge and there wasn't great reaction from anybody."

He added: "I don't think that is a red card, however the goalkeeper ends up. His eyes are on the ball, it's ridiculous. He wins that challenge, the goal is there for him."

OLI SCARFF/GettyImages

Opinions were divided during and after the game on whether Mane should have been shown the red card or whether a yellow card would have sufficed. Neville claims it was a 50/50 tackle and it was there to be won for Mane.

Neville said: "It wasn't one of those where you think the goalkeeper is the favourite. He does well to get out, and his foot is high.

He added: "He didn't need to give a red card. He could have given a yellow. I think he's got it wrong. The reason Ederson is injured is because his back three have ridiculously tried to play the offside."

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