By 90Min
September 10, 2017

Saturday afternoon saw Arsenal take on Bournemouth in a 3-0 win at the Emirates Stadium.

Jordon Ibe made his substitute appearance on the 40th minute after Ryan Fraser seemed to struggle to recover from an earlier knock.

Daily Mail Chief football writer John Cross took to twitter to what many have perceived as a jab at Ibe for having his first name on the back of the Cherries jersey:

In the early hours of Sunday morning Ibe replied to Cross' tweet, stating that having 'Jordon' on the back of his shirt was a personal choice and does not need to be explained to other people:

Cross was quick to respond after the popularity of Ibe's reply, stating that he was sorry to offend the Bournemouth Player and wishing him good luck for the rest of the season:

Many fans were in support of Ibe and thought that Cross had come off a bit rude with his first tweet.

Others though were backing Cross, saying that the choice of Ibe wearing his first name on the back seemed a little odd and didn't make a lot of sense. 

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