By 90Min
September 12, 2017

Romelu Lukaku's goalscoring record has never really been questioned whether he's playing for Manchester United, Everton or Anderlecht.

The burly Belgian has a strike rate up there with some of the best in Europe for his age, but what has often left fans and pundits shaking their heads is his tendency to miss golden opportunities to add to his startling goals tally.

It appears that Lukaku's physically impressive frame - and ability to miss sitters - has now become the butt of a viral joke on Twitter after one user posted a quote from the striker about how he and team mate Marcus Rashford push each other to be better finishers in training:

Ah, the old "Lose and you're punished" schtick. We get it. So what made this particular quote of his, and subsequent tweet, a viral sensation? Well...

That's top work from Twitter user 0ssyy. Taking the mickey out of Lukaku's muscular frame all because he's terrible at missing when it's easier to score. A doff of the cap to you!

Lukaku is next in action for United in Tuesday's Champions League showdown with Basel. We wonder what the odds are on him missing a brilliant chance...

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