By 90Min
September 13, 2017

Manchester United fans have hit back at pundit Graeme Souness after he made insulting comments towards Paul Pogba and his performance against Basel in the Champions League opening tie - despite Pogba playing only 20 minutes.

United eased past Basel as they won the game 3-0, but according to Give Me Sport, Pogba's performance left a lot to be desired in the eyes of Souness as he insists he'd like to see him play more like Marouane Fellaini.

Souness said: "I question Pogba’s choice of pass, his decision making. I want to see Paul Pogba do what [Marouane] Fellaini does: pop it off nice and simple [and then be a threat inside the opposition’s box]."


Souness was then questioned on whether Fellaini was a better option than Pogba to which the Scot said no, but admitted he's more effective in his play and Pogba is a bit of a 'YouTuber'.

Souness said: "I’m not saying he’s a better option, what I’m saying is he’s a bigger threat - he’s more effective. He’s not easy on the eye, he’s a bit of a thug at times, which doesn’t make him a bad guy."

He added: "That’s the question mark I have against him. He’s got technique. He’s a bit of a YouTuber, isn’t he?"

The comments made by Souness did not go down well with Manchester United fans and they were quick to take to Twitter in attempts to defend the most expensive player in their ranks.

Pogba is undoubtedly a magnificent player but does love to showboat. However, he has more than proven himself during time at Juventus and also now, with the 'most expensive player in the world' tag taken away from him, he's able to just enjoy his football without any pressure.

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