By 90Min
September 17, 2017

Fans of the soon to be released FIFA 18 have already found fault with former Real Madrid star Ronaldo's icon card.

Game developers EA have got fans excited with an extension of the legends category, with the addition of some of football's greatest players including; Thierry Henry, Rio Ferdinand and Ronaldinho.

However, Brazilian legend Ronaldo, who is also one of the latest greats to be reintegrated into the game, is causing a storm on social media with fans believing his skill star rating should be significantly higher.


Outrage has been caused because despite the forward achieving a mighty overall rating of 96 and a dribbling rating of 95, EA hasn't provided Ronaldo with five star dribbling skills.

One fan on Twitter dragged up Ronaldo's FIFA 11 card which provided the striker with a five star skill rating, despite the forward only having an overall rating of 77.

This revelation begs the question of how the striker's skill rating can decrease when the game is evidently rating Ronaldo at his best. 

Fans awaiting the release of FIFA 18 are now eager to try and persuade EA into raising Ronaldo's skill rating so that they may get to experience the striker's full capabilities while giving the 40-year-old the respect he deserves.

Despite the striker's narrowly weakened skill-set, Ronaldo has still be granted excellent stats and fans of the FIFA 18 will certainly have a riot playing as the former Brazil star.

EA Sports are set to release a FIFA 18 demo on Tuesday ahead of the game's official release on September 29.

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