By 90Min
September 17, 2017

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has opened up on why he believes that his second season in charge of a club is always easier than the first.

The Portuguese tactician hasn't failed to win a league title in his follow-up campaign at any of the clubs he's managed over the years, claiming the top spot on every occasion from stints at Porto, Chelsea (both times), Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

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Speaking to Sky Sports Soccer Saturday, the United manager downplayed his second-season success, but did explain the reasons behind it.

"I don't know why people speak of the second season because I won in the first season and I won in the third season," Mourinho said. "I don't really understand it.

"I just think that the second season is a good season for evolution in relation to the first season because in the first season you arrive and sometimes, like in my case, I was not even able to organise a pre-season because it had already been organised. I couldn't have one single finger of influence on it.

"When I arrived in the first season there was already investments made in buying players, changing the squad, selling players, that you probably would have done in a different way. For sure I would have kept some of the players that were sold, for sure I would not buy some of the players that were bought.

"In the second season, you have your influence at that level. You have better conditions to work and get those results. But you are playing against other teams whose managers are in the third or second or fourth or fifth seasons. So second may not be a big advantage."

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