By 90Min
September 18, 2017

It's news to no-one that the Premier League has become a vacuous frenzy of money-spending and commercial deals. Everton's Angry Birds sleeve sponsor was evidence enough.

The steep inclination of incoming funds from TV deals and the arrival of affluent new owners has ensured that most squads are now made up of expensively acquired players on substantial salaries.

But perhaps one of the most damning indictments of this summer's money splurge is that Everton, currently 18th in the Premier League, have a squad of players that cost the same in total as Bayern Munich's.

As journalist Nick Harris wrote on Twitter, it is a demonstration of "the madness of English football economics".

Of course, it is still early in the season and Everton have had a difficult start to the new campaign; defeats against Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester United perhaps leaving them in something of a false position.

But when looking at Ronald Koeman's squad, and then the players at the disposal of Carlo Ancelotti, there is a vast difference in quality. Everton brought in goalkeeper Jordan Pickford from Sunderland for £30m for example, while Bayern signed Manuel Neuer for €18m in 2011.

Jan Kruger/GettyImages

Evidently, valuations have inflated drastically since then, and Premier League clubs are not alone in their attempts to instantly improve a squad at whatever price it takes. But eight of the 20 costliest squads in Europe are those of English clubs.

Selling clubs are increasingly aware of the funds at the disposal in the Premier League, hence the often excessive fees paid for players.

Everton are not alone, but they are perhaps an example that lavish spending does not guarantee anything. Many in the Premier League, however, seem to think it will.

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