During PSG's most recent win, Neymar and Edinson Cavani seemed to argue about who should take the set pieces. 

By 90Min
September 18, 2017

PSG's most recent victory in Ligue 1 was marred by controversy as the media and fans alike claimed there was discontent between the Paris club's front-line.

During the game, for both a free-kick and penalty, Neymar and Edinson Cavani seemed to argue about who should take the set-pieces. 

Dani Alves was also involved in the free-kick debate, but has denied keeping the ball away from Cavani so that he could give it to his Brazilian compatriot Neymar:

"I was going to take it," the defender told Brazilian television SporTV reported via the Metro

"I took the ball to take the free-kick, because I already scored some goals and I was confident of a repeat.

"I think the individual is the least important thing – in the end the team is above any individual."

Clearly the PSG defender claims that he planned to take the set-piece himself, which would further add to the argument that there is discontent in the PSG ranks, with Neymar stealing the ball off Alves to take the free-kick.

In addition to the free-kick, the same pair Neymar and Cavani argued over who would take a penalty, with the latter then seeing his spot-kick saved. PSG eventually won the match, despite the set-piece controversy, thanks to two own goals from their opposition on the night, Lyon. 

That puts them on a six match win streak, three points clear of Monaco. However Unai Emery doesn't want to see any sort of arguments over set-plays again:

"I have asked them to settle it between them, that they are able to reach an agreement, otherwise I will decide, I do not want this to be a problem for us," said Emery in the post-match press conference.

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