By 90Min
September 22, 2017

Southend striker and renowned bad boy Nile Ranger has hit out at EA Sports following their decision not to include him in the latest instalment of the FIFA game.

Ranger has recently been released from prison after he served ten weeks of an eight month sentence and upon his release, he learned that EA have not included him in the latest game that is set for release later this month.

Ranger took to Twitter to vent his frustration claiming that it wouldn't happen to Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi if they had been locked away for weeks.

Clearly the makers of FIFA have deemed his persona and attitude as unsuitable for their game - which they have every right to do - but it doesn't stop Ranger getting angry at the fact that he's not included - despite playing a League One fixture a few weeks ago.

Football fans were quick to respond to the tweet from Ranger and their replies would't have helped the situation as far as the striker is concerned.

I'm not sure the social media rant from Ranger would change the mind of EA Sports but it did make for entertaining reading for fans of the game.

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