By 90Min
September 23, 2017

Wayne Rooney's two-year driving ban has not gone down well with any affected party, whether it be pregnant wife Coleen or Everton Football Club.

With the striker unable to ferry himself about until September 2019, just how will he go about getting to training, matches, maternity wards and the like?

Well, if you're as rich as Rooney is, you hire a chauffeur. Not just any chauffeur though. One big, burly, former bodyguard who goes by the nickname 'Big Ginge'.

Real name Damian Hall, 'Big Ginge' was Rooney's personal bodyguard at Manchester United and helped to ensure that the 31-year-old was kept safe at all times during his 13-year Red Devils spell.

Hall, who worked for a security firm close to United, has now been hired by Rooney after the club gave Hall his blessing to leave his post at Old Trafford - to drive the ex-England captain around. Yeah, bit of a career change that, isn't it!

We suspect Hall will do more than ferry Rooney to and from a whole host of locations, and we think his appointment will help to keep the forward on the straight and narrow for a while.

After all, Rooney is not going to mess with someone called 'Big Ginge' is he!

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