By 90Min
September 23, 2017

Former Newcastle and Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew has possibly produced the most awkward moment of the season.

The coach-turned-pundit failed miserably in a cheeky attempt to rib ex-England striker Teddy Sheringham, who appeared as a guest on Sky Sports to preview the match between Spurs and West Ham at the London Stadium.

Of course Sheringham, who scored 76 goals in 166 appearances for Tottenham, was juxtaposed with the club's new hotshot striker Harry Kane. And that was when Pardew decided to weigh in with one of the worst jokes you'll ever hear.

"He's very similar to Teddy," said Jamie Redknapp. "Not blessed with blistering pace but an incredible football brain, someone who picks the right pass at the right time."

"He didn't have his (Kane's) pace!" Pardew interrupted, pointing at the former forward, who had just began his assessment of Kane.

"He was as quick as Harry Kane's mum!" he added with a laugh.

Sheringham paid no attention to Pardew's quip, carrying on as if he hadn't even heard it, leaving the pundit standing there looking quite foolish.

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