Liverpool Condemn The Sun After They Publish Dejan Lovren Quotes From Croatian Media as Their Own

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Liverpool have been forced to publicly correct the Sun after the tabloid newspaper published quotes from defender Dejan Lovren and claimed them as their own.

The interview had in fact first appeared in a Croatian media outlet last month, after the centre-back and his family were robbed while on holiday in Zagreb.

The Sun have of course been banned from reporting on both Liverpool and Everton due to their abhorrent coverage of the Hillsborough disaster.


And the subsequent quotes that were published in an article in the Sun on Sunday led to understandable concern from Liverpool supporters.

"Yes, I was robbed," Lovren was quoted as saying. "They have stolen everything from me.

"I heard absolutely nothing. It is as if they had put something in my apartment for me to fall asleep.

"They could have kidnapped my kids, and I wouldn’t have noticed at all."


But the club's Head of Club and Supporter Liaison, Tony Barrett, quickly revealed the truth on Twitter:

"Dejan Lovren hasn't given any interviews to any English newspapers about an incident that happened in Croatia," he wrote. "The original story about Lovren appeared in the Croatian media in June."

Lovren started as Liverpool edged to a 2-3 victory over Leicester in the Premier League on Saturday, although the Croatia international has faced some criticism for his performances so far this season.

But he was part of a side that climbed to fifth in the nascent table with a crucial victory at the King Power Stadium.