Carlo Ancelotti: Bayern Munich Has an Identity; PSG Still Searching for One

Carlo Ancelotti has revealed the biggest difference between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain ahead of Wednesday's Champions League meeting.
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Carlo Ancelotti has revealed the biggest difference between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain ahead of Wednesday's Champions League meeting with his former club.

The Italian coach will take his side to Paris for a crucial game in Group B, with both sides looking to take a step towards finishing top of the standings.

And ahead of the heavyweight clash, Ancelotti has spoken of the disparity between the two clubs, as well as revealing what struck him upon his arrival at Bayern.

"With Neymar and Mbappé, Paris is looking for an identity," Ancelotti told Le Figaro. "In Bayern, it's clear. For years, the line has been drawn, the identity is clear, which is not yet the case of the PSG. 

"But Paris is already at the level of the best. When you buy players at this price and this level, you have to have time and they have to enter the mindset of the team. That is their challenge."

Ancelotti also praised the hierarchy at Munich and claimed that his only problems are one the pitch.

"The fact that here you have two presidents who have been players and who understand football, so the problems of everyday life in the locker room," he added. "A president who has been on the ground knows what is going on and understands the different reactions."

The former Chelsea and Real Madrid manager also spoke highly of the city of Munich, but revealed the one thing with which he still struggles.

"Munich is a beautiful city, people respect you, you can go to the cinema, to the restaurant without being disturbed. 

"My only difficulty is language. I take classes three times a week with a teacher, but the grammar is complicated so I have more trouble than with French or English."