Sadio Mane and Ederson Make Peace Following Liverpool Forward's Controversial Red Card

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Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson has recently opened up to the Sun about where he and Liverpool winger Sadio Mane stand following an incident between the pair which left Ederson in need of eight stitches to his face. 

Speaking out for one of the first times since the accidental collision, Ederson said: "I had contact with him. He sent me a message and I told him to stay calm – those things happen inside the pitch.


“It could happen anytime. I told him 'don’t worry and wish him a good season'.”

The affair caused a bit of a stir between fans and professionals alike, with opinions mixed over whether or not the Liverpool forward should've been issued with a straight red card. The dust seemed to settle rather quickly, as Mane was quick to issue a public apology on Instagram

Directly following being issued with a red card, it was clearly apparent that there was absolutely no intent from the Senegalese, as he appeared absolutely dejected, and marred with guilt. 

Despite a lot of controversy at the time, with both managers mutually agreeing that the challenge should not have warranted a red card, it seems that Ederson holds no grudges, and Liverpool fans will be happy upon Sadio Mane's return in time to face Manchester United.