Fans Reveal the Actions They Would Take if They Were Chairman of a Struggling Side

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In light of the controversial sacking of Frank de Boer at Crystal Palace recently, in which the former Ajax and Inter manager lasted just five games and 77 days at Selhurst Park, the decisions of Eagles chief Steve Parish have come under some scrutiny. 

In order to gain a more collective viewpoint and see if Parish's decision was unjust, we decided to run a poll asking you to decide the course of action you would take should your newly appointed manager make as poor a start as the aforementioned Dutchman had done, with 99,964 of you getting involved. 


Interestingly, given the choice of whether to sack them immediately, give them at least until Christmas, allow them at least one full season or just give them another couple of games, the majority of the vote was split between the second option and the final option. 

36% of you voted to give your faltering boss a stay of execution until the festive period, perhaps one of the most sensible decisions of the four, whilst the same percentage opted to give the gaffer a few more games to prove himself before pulling the trigger. 


A further 22% of you decided to give your man the whole season at the helm and make a decision then, no matter how the team is performing - a risky decision but one that evokes a true sense of loyalty from chairman to manager. 

Harshly, just 6% of you rashly decided to sack your newly appointed gaffer immediately, which could perhaps be deemed a harsh decision, but games come thick and fast in the results game that is football and there is no time for dithering. 

The poll, to summarise, shows conclusively that Parish is in a slim minority of rash decision makers, whilst the unanimous vote is clearly in favour of giving the under fire boss some more time to turn the side's form around.