Chelsea Fans' Excellent Bakayoko, Kante Chant Sounds Real Familiar to Newcastle Supporters

Chelsea fans have a great new chant for Tiemoue Bakayoko and N'Golo Kante ... except it's not new to Newcastle supporters.
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There was outrage sparked on Twitter recently, as Newcastle United fans took to the social media platform to accuse their Chelsea counterparts of thievery. 

The Geordies are well known for the pride they take in being backed by some of the biggest followings in the country, especially considering what they pay good money to witness could be classed as Sunday league football on the odd occasion. 

The Tynesiders are not the quietest bunch, either, when they get behind their side, and in the past have squeezed the name of their on-pitch heroes into a variation of different tunes. 

This none more so than Chancel Mbemba, whose surname rhymes with September, boasting a catchy chant regarding his ability to constantly keep possession - oh if only the songs of the terraces were true. 

The 23-year-old's theme tune is to the beat of Earth, Wind & Fire's 1971 soul hit, 'September', and it has to be said it flows quite well. 

However, imagine the outrage if another team's supporters used the 46-year-old classic for one of their players, or even two - the world would surely stop turning!

Well, believe it or's happened. 

Chelsea fans were recently filmed reciting their new chant during their visit to Stoke City last weekend, with midfield duo Tiemoue Bakayoko, who joined the Blues this summer, and N'Golo Kante their players of choice. 

As you can imagine, as soon as the Toon Army spotted this they took to Twitter to vent their complete displeasure towards the Londoners' actions and the sheer blatancy of their plagiarism. 

The Newcastle fans that took time out of their day to post a tweet regarding the most irrelevant and ridiculous spat maybe ever recorded do, in fact, hold valuable points. 

Indeed, the Magpie faithful have been singing their version of the song for two years, it is true neither Bakayoko or Kante are the same person as Mbemba, and the song does in fact seem to be "popping up everywhere", with now both the Tynesiders and Chelsea adding it to their matchday playlist - everywhere. 

However, the only slight argument found is the credibility surrounding @clifty04's accusation, considering the black and white army lifted the tune from a song released before their midfielder was even born...originality. 

Can't wait to see what Earth, Wind & Fire have to say about this.