FIFA 18 to Be Available for Free on Launch for Very Select Group of Players

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The popular football video game FIFA has released the next instalment worldwide today and a very select group of fans can get their hands on the game for free. 

While gamers will be clearing their schedules and preparing for the new features that FIFA 18 has install they will also have to prepare their bank accounts with The 'Ronaldo Edition' and 'Icon Edition' costing upwards of £70.00 and £80.00 respectively, with the general version of the game costing around £50.00. 

The immensely popular 'The Journey' series will also be making a return as players continue Alex Hunter's next chapter in his rise to stardom and Shortlist report that those who can prove they share their name with game's star can get a copy free from GAME.

The game mode made its debut last year on FIFA 17 which saw players take complete control of Hunter's career as well as developing his personality both on and off the pitch. Beginning as a rookie from Clapham players work they way up to becoming the biggest player at a Premier League club. 

The new and improved 'The Journey: Hunter Returns' will allow players to continue where Hunter left off and it promises more drama, more real-life characters more options and possibilities as well as being able to sign for top sides around the world. 


The characters introduced last year will also make a return with the inclusion of some of the biggest names in football including Cristiano Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, Thierry Henry, Gyasi Zardes, Dele Alli, Antoine Griezmann, Thomas Muller and NBA basketballer James Harden are just some of those included.

Any variation of the name will also be accepted (Alexander Hunter and Alexandra Hunter) and all you have to do is send an email to with all the required information such as your full name and address as well as relevant scanned form of identification (birth certificate, passport, driving licence etc). 

Once GAME is satisfied they will notify you and your local store and you can pick the game up for nothing. The offer lasts from September 29 till October 3 so you might still have time to change your name.