VIDEO: Basel Star Dimitri Oberlin Shows Off Electric Pace in Stunning Counter-Attacking Goal

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Pace, pace, pace. It's one thing that top sides love to boast in abundance throughout their teams for a whole host of reasons.

One such example is the ability to hit opposing teams on the counter attack at lightning speed and, if one of Basel's goals in their 5-0 drubbing of Benfica is anything to go by on Wednesday, even legendary sprinter Usain Bolt would be proud of the pace showed by Dimitri Oberlin.

The forward, celebrating his 20th birthday on the night no less, showed Benfica's defence a clean set of heels as he raced the length of the pitch to finish off a superb counter that he had, in fact, started on the edge of his own penalty area:

Now that is what you call a counter attack! The sheer speed that Oberlin must be going at to get on the end of his team mate's pass is electrifying.

The Portuguese giants must have been so deflated at conceding from their own corner that they went on to shockingly ship a further three goals in Switzerland!

Remember the name, Dimitri Oberlin!