VIDEO: German Goalkeeper Manuel Riemann Scores Nightmare Own Goal in 2. Bundesliga Match

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VFL Bochum goalkeeper Manuel Riemann really let his team down with a horrible mistake against Holstein Kiel on Saturday.

Standing in goal for the 2. Bundesliga side, Riemann looked on top of things when a back pass came in from his defender Danilo Soares.

In an effort to take the ball to his right, using his left foot, the stopper got the whole thing wrong and simply helped it into his own net.

Have a look at the regrettable moment in the video below.

Riemann is said to have blamed some sort of misfortune for his gaffe, but play this 100 times over and you're sure to find nothing but his own folly culpable.

Bochum would concede two more goals in the match, ending with a 3-0 scoreline. And you can bet goalie training will be an earful during next week.