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October 01, 2017

After West Brom threw away a two-goal lead to draw against Watford on Saturday, one disillusioned fan was determined to publicly express his anger.

Clearly not content with the dependability, and occasional monotony of Tony Pulis' brand of football, the supporter was adamant his side are underachieving.

Robbie Savage, who received the disgruntled caller on BBC Radio 5 Live, was evidently not in agreement.

"We can't keep up with the rest of the league," said the fan. "We're in tenth position but we just keep going lower and lower and lower. And the last time we won was on the 22nd of August against Accrington Stanley in the second round of the League Cup."

"So you're tenth in the Premier League," came Savage's response, "Tony Pulis has never been relegated with a side, you went to Arsenal on Monday night and should've gone ahead, should've had a penalty, a stonewall penalty.

"I'm trying to make a case for Tony Pulis. If you finish tenth, that's a good season. What more do you want, what more do you expect? Keeping you up is a big thing."

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The caller was not prepared to see reason in Savage's argument, though, and duly listed off some of West Brom's results so far this season.

And when he suggested that the Baggies attempt to seduce Carlo Ancelotti - last week dismissed by Bayern Munich - with the delights of the Hawthorns, Savage's reaction was one of understandable bemusement.

"Are you for real?" he asked. "What makes you think that Ancelotti, who's managed some of the biggest sides in the world, will think 'I'm going to go to West Brom?'"

The fan's reasoning was simply that "Ancelotti is available". He is indeed available, just not for West Brom.

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