By 90Min
October 03, 2017

Ever since Arsène Wenger decided to move Arsenal from Highbury to the Emirates, the club have found themselves in a process of transition. Its become a process akin to one you would find in the profession of film-making. Hard decisions come with the process, and since the move, it has been one hard decision followed by another, and another, and so on for Wenger.

There’s a certain allure about French films, as it has the ability to hold all our senses and emotions captive. The French have this artsy aptitude of painting a picture with brushes coated with emotions. It’s their rightful pursuit towards perfection.

Arsène Wenger, a Frenchman himself, is also guilty of chasing his own ideologies of perfection. You may remember Wenger from movies such as, 'The Invincibles' - a story that saw Arsenal go the entire Premier League season unbeaten. But those are his glory days. Nowadays doubt shrouds the Emirates Stadium, with part of the fanbase waiting in the gallows for Wenger's head.


Can Arsène re-create a piece as beautiful as ‘The Invincibles” ever again? A new director is what the people want, but Wenger, fuelled by his unyielding drive, still believes that beauty can sprout from such darkness.

Before the move to the Emirates, Wenger had visions of the club taking an upward trajectory towards financial power and stability. He saw a future where a small club like Arsenal (at the time) could brush shoulders with the Manchester Uniteds and Real Madrids of the world. It was an ironclad plan, which he overlooked with deft navigation. 

Though, before the last brick of the Emirates Stadium laid to dry the plan began to undress at the seams. Both Chelsea and Man City - who would be pivotal players in the chase of Premier League titles - positioned themselves behind new wealthy owners.

The move to the Emirates was shaky, masking problems that showed no signs of slowing down. Damage control was needed, and many balled up ideas resided in the bin of Wenger's office. Of course, Wenger never missing any of his shots, for the sake of not appearing wasteful. A man so meticulous down to the bone.


There was even a reoccurring narrative that plagued the club for most summers, resulting in key protagonists leaving. It became so expected like deaths in horror movies. With key players leaving, Wenger had to rework the script, as fans began to turn on the whole project. The task to take Arsenal back to the top looked futile. Yet it would seem that Wenger still has the determination to crawl towards his path of perfection; a martyr to the absolute end.

Arsenal find themselves in an unusual position this time round. They’re on the outside looking in, finally wrestled out of their Champions League spot. But they have managed to keep a hold of their key protagonists [Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez]. For now at least. 

This might end up being the perfect ending, or a unwatchable nightmare. Regardless, there will still be sold out audience.

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