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October 04, 2017

In a bold interview with Sky Sports, pundit Tony Gale has claimed that Harry Kane is a more valuable player than Neymar.

Kane has returned to his fantastic goal-scoring form for Tottenham in recent weeks, after failing to score in August, with the England international having scored six times in the Premier League in September.

Such form has made Tony Gale make the controversial claim that Kane is better than the world's most expensive player, Neymar and therefore worth more money than him in today's market.


“I suppose everybody’s got a price haven’t they. I think that he’s worth more than Neymar, I really do," said Gale.

“I love Neymar but I think Harry’s got how many goals? Goals are the thing. I’ll go £250million.”

Many pundits and ex-players have also recently claimed that they believe Kane to now be the best centre-forward in world football, putting him somewhat surprisingly ahead of the likes of Robert Lewandowski, Sergio Aguero and Antoine Griezmann.

Kane has been linked with Real Madrid in the past, but the fact that any fee would almost pay off the debt for Tottenham's new home, shouldn't tempt Daniel Levy into selling the star striker.

“Temptation is that it pays for the stadium, that pays for the stadium. But the stadium is nothing if you haven’t got the players and you want the best players to fill that stadium," said the former West Ham defender.

Christopher Lee/GettyImages

“He’s the best, probably the best striker or one of the best strikers in the world at the moment. 

"He [Levy] is a businessman but if he sells him he’s mad. The boy loves Spurs as well, as they sing ‘he’s one of our own’."

“He is one of their own, you’ve just got to build everything around that kid. You’ve got to pay him as much as Real Madrid want to pay him.”

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