By 90Min
October 04, 2017

A Fantasy Premier League manager has left everyone stunned after making quite possibly the ballsiest decision of 2017 ahead of last weekend's set of top flight matches.

Fantasy football is a lot of fun. Whether you're competing with mates, colleagues, or just to simply see how well you can perform - there's no denying that the game has the ability to consume you - to drive you crazy.

Each week, managers sit staring at the same screen, perplexed as to how they can get the competitive edge over their rivals. Sometimes that thought process leads to outrageous decisions; and on even fewer occasions, that decision pays off.

The boss of 'pegg610 fc' last week seemed to succumb to the intense pressure of making the best possible decision - and out of nowhere, they did...

...By triple captaining Marouane Fellaini. Yes.

Once a season, managers get the option to 'triple captain' a player for one match, meaning that player earns triple the amount of points he would usually accumulate (a captain always earns double as it is). Now, the likes of Harry Kane or Romelu Lukaku occupy the armband in most teams - seeing as they tend to earn the most points.

But no one could've predicted the Belgian's brace in Manchester United's 4-0 victory over Crystal Palace. As a result, Fellaini earned his side a stunning 48 points last week - taking the total for the club to 97 for the week.

Outrageous stuff. Truly a rabbit out of the hat. Sometimes it pays to break the norm (though it's not recommended in such a ridiculous way). That wasn't even a calculated risk; more likely a move of 'No, this is too much pressure, I don't even care anymore', before making the craziest decision possible.

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