By 90Min
October 05, 2017

How many times have you played a crunch match on FIFA 18 online against some nobody from somewhere in the world, completely dominated the game from start to finish, hit the post at least five times, watched their goalkeeper make a million world-class saves and conceded in the last minute when your defence evaporated?

It's the kind of moment that leads to smashed controllers, broken TV screens, primal screams of frustration and vows never to play the game again (until an hour's time). Many accuse the game of 'scripting' - some algorithm in the game ensuring that a player can't win every match they play.

However, a YouTuber named Krasi may have at least part of the answer to relieving your endless stressful hours and anger. A neat trick involving your goalkeeper and the right analog stick cuts down on those goals conceded when your defence mysteriously collapses.

Moving the goalkeeper a few steps towards the far post using the new feature when the forward arrives from an angle will cut off the game's natural inclination to hit the ball there.

Of course, many have attempted to find strategies to deal with unfair FIFA results in the past. One technique would be to position your players carefully to deal with counterattacks and effectively block their opportunity to magically turn your defenders into statues.

Essentially, try to grind it out Tony Pulis style.

Alex Livesey/GettyImages

Krasi's find does depend on the player's ability to avoid being cut open directly through the middle (basically, if you're terrible at the game, little tricks won't help you). Unfortunately, some people are just more gifted at FIFA than others.   

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