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October 08, 2017

Andy Cole was a popular striker at Newcastle as he scored 68 goals in 85 games for the Tynesiders. 

A shock move to Manchester United, however, led to the player becoming a target of immense hate from Newcastle fans as he later went on to win the treble with the Red Devils.

In a Q&A with FourFourTwo, Cole explained that he struggled to deal with the love of Newcastle fans who adored him as a young striker. 

Julian Finney/GettyImages

“I enjoyed it at Newcastle, but it was difficult playing there. I was a young man and struggled to deal with the level of adoration. I just wanted to play football, go home and go out with my mates."

Cole explained that he would get mixed reactions from the press if he was out and about away from the football, getting disturbed by fans in public when spotted.

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“When I went out, some punters would say, ‘Well done’. That was fine. Others wanted to hold court with you.

“I could be having a meal with my missus and people would come up and want to get involved in the conversation. It did my fruit in."

PAUL ELLIS/GettyImages

The former England international described being 'trapped' whilst playing for Newcastle and the more goals he scored, the more people were talking about it around him.

“I loved my football at Newcastle, but I felt trapped. And the more goals I scored, the worse it got. From the milkman to the bloke in the paper shop, everyone wanted to talk about football, football, football.”

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