By 90Min
October 10, 2017

Football fans are well versed in Michy Batshuayi's pedant for being a social media fiend.

The Chelsea striker has basically won the right to call himself 'King of Twitter banter' since his £33m switch to Stamford Bridge, but it is another of his social media accounts - this time Instagram - which has drawn confusion from Blues fans.

The Belgium international posted an image of him taking part in a press conference for his national side with the caption "good night". Seems standard, right? Well, not when you take into account Diego Costa's reply:

Good night ✌🏾😇

A post shared by Michy Batshuayi (@mbatshuayi) on

The ex-Chelsea goalscorer baffingly replied to his former colleague's post with the word 'Safadinho' which, by all translation accounts, simply means 'Chair'. Don't worry, we were as confused as you are:

If it helps, one Twitter user came to to rescue of fans and Batshuayi alike - whose "What?" reply meant he too didn't get the reference - and revealed that the word actually means 'Bench'.

We see now. It's a job aimed at the Frenchman's ample time spent on the subs' bench. Clever, Costa, very clever...

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