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October 11, 2017

A YouTuber, who is closing in on 500k subscribers, has shed some light on how to save penalties in the new instalment of FIFA.

Ovvy, a professional FIFA player and former world champion, released a video prior to the full release of FIFA 18 to explain how you can greatly increase your chances of saving spot kicks.

The game has had a mixed reception within the FIFA community, with slower build-up play and an importance of accurate passing being pushed to the forefront of this year's game. 

One huge bugbear of most FIFA 18 players is the mechanics of defending, which has been given a huge overhaul this year. Not only can any forward breeze past your defenders just by running in a straight line, but you may also find that a physical defender can give away needless spot kicks without you actually pressing a button.

Well, should that happen to you next time you switch on your console, Ovvy has given a step-by-step guide as to how you can greatly increase your chances of stopping the ball from hitting the back of the net from 12 yards out.

The first tip is to look at the penalty taker's head. When your opponent is going to hit the ball into the left side of the goal, the forward will be looking down the middle of the goal and you will only see the back of his head, whereas planning to finish in the right-hand side of the goal will open up the attackers body and his face will be visible.


Next on Ovvy's list is to wait until the last second before you move the goalkeeper. Because the penalty taker can change the direction of the spot kick right up until the ball leaves his foot, it is important to wait as long as you can before you get the goalkeeper to commit.

His third and final tip is to dive low. We've all seen it, you send your keeper the right way and just as you think you've saved it, the ball trickles under the man between the sticks to give your opponent a late victory.

Ovvy explains that the majority of penalties taken in FIFA 18 are at what is commonly know as the goalkeeper's height. This means that the ball will end up in the bottom half of the goal so, rather than trying to stop the ball flying from in the top corner, make sure you don't get beaten low.

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Ovvy also offers a number of other helpful videos for FIFA players, with mastering player instructions, tips on finishing and budget squad builders to take on FUT Champs with all having been covered this year alone.

You can subscribe to Ovvy here to never miss a FIFA 18 tutorial and help him on the way to reaching 500k subs.

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