Man Utd Legend Didn't Think He 'Was Going to Make it' After Recent Health Scare

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Manchester United hero Andy Cole has admitted that he feared for his life after suffering kidney failure in 2015, according to The Sun.

Cole famously wore the Red Devils shirt alongside Dwight Yorke, the two forming an outstanding partnership that would define a generation of English football fans.

However, following a kidney transplant earlier this year, Cole has revealed that he is finding life tough in the early stages of his recovery.

"It was pretty bad. It was June 2015 and I suffered kidney failure when I got a virus. There were times I didn’t think I was going to make it," Cole said. "At first, I refused to see the doctor, like a typical man.

"I was tired and jet-lagged and I thought whatever it is I’ll sleep it off. But it didn’t turn out that way.

"It’s been so tough mentally, much tougher than I thought. I’m an independent guy. I don’t like relying on people. The things I want to do and have always done, I can’t.


"I’m six months since the transplant but I want to run before I can walk. I’m impatient. The transplant has to take. Over the first three months, you are more susceptible to rejection, although it can be rejected at any time.

"It’s like getting a credit card. I got the credit card and thought that would be me feeling 100%. But then there’s the small print which is the side effects of the medication. They are effing painful and no one tells you.

"My mentality was like in football. If you’re injured, work hard, get better. So, I’d go to the gym, work hard. Then I’d come home and just sleep for the rest of the day. Go back to the gym the next day and repeat," he added. "I kept saying to myself: ‘You’re not ill’. Then I had to confess I was."