By 90Min
October 20, 2017

Making promises that cannot be kept can prove disastrous for a player's career. It would be damaging for anyone, but when the one who makes them is a prominent Ballon d'Or nominee, the risk of being held accountable rises exponentially. 

So has happened to AC Milan's captain and defender Leonardo Bonucci, who has been targeted on social media after his team failed to get three points out of Thursday's Europa League match against AEK Athens. 


And when things are left in the hands of angry fans, or, even worse, cheerful haters, there is no limit to mockery. In fact, shortly after the end of Milan's 0-0 draw with AEK, a new Facebook event invited thousands of users to attend "Bonucci's masterclass on how to change the team's balance". 

These words refer to a comment that the Italy defender himself made when he first joined the Milan side during the summer. He said: "(AC Milan) asked me if I will be able to shift the team's balance...I will work hard in order to achieve this goal".

Image by Adele Berti

In a matter of hours, more than ten thousand people were interested in the event, with three thousand attending it. 

The brilliant yet diabolic mind behind this mockery wrote a description of the event: "Have you ever wondered what 'balance' is? Where does it come from and how does it shift? This masterclass is for you!"

The topics discussed in the event description include the methods to earn the captain armband as a newbie in the team, how to act like a leader and to use mainstream media to become more popular during the transfer window. 

The post concludes: "You will also be taught about how to improve your own physical and facial expression on the field and the best ways to look self-certain when talking on camera. If we can't shift the balance, let's let the balance shift us!"

Whether Bonucci will be the teacher or the student, in this case, it is all but certain. 

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