By 90Min
October 20, 2017

Horse racing legend Tony McCoy OBE has slammed Mesut Ozil on a recent podcast called Only Balls & Horses, stating that he "wouldn’t let him anywhere near an Arsenal shirt". 

The lifelong Gunners fan had some strong views on the German, who has come under fire from media recently for his work rate - leading to his omission from the starting 11. Ozil has often been the scapegoat, but McCoy did also say that 'others' were to blame. 


McCoy said “The football’s pretty much the same. But we’ve got players there who are floating. Ozil is not worth feeding, never mind paying a contract. He doesn’t look like he wants to be there. I wouldn’t let him anywhere near an Arsenal shirt."

Bashing Ozil, McCoy believes there is no blame to be placed on manager Arsene Wenger, who has also been heavily criticised by the fans. “It’s been pretty disappointing" said McCoy, "Same old, same old. I’ve always been a fan of Arsene Wenger, I’d never say anything bad about him."

Recently suffering a late defeat to Watford, Arsenal's problems continue to grow as basic defensive mistakes let down the Gunners. “To be fair, against Watford on Saturday, I’d be a little bit embarrassed. They can say whatever they like about Troy Deeney but he was only telling the truth.

“Some people don’t like the truth but that’s the fact of the matter. They were too complacent, not aggressive enough for me, no intensity” Following Deeney's interview with BT Sport, the Arsenal players will be under the spotlight even more this Sunday - when Wenger's side travel to Everton. 

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