By 90Min
October 21, 2017

Arsenal have ditched the virtual reality training system that cost them £100,000 due to the technology making their players sick, according to The Sun.

The London side spent the sum in an effort to boost the squad's performance, but it hasn't gone down well with their players, who have complained that the device gives them motion sickness.

The VR setup was created for the club by Dutch company Beyond Sports, who hooked up a 'smart room' with TV's, virtual reality headsets and a small pitch. 

The room and technology allows players to view any moment of a match from any angle in order to improve their decision making and reaction times, using Premier League data to recreate movements in a 3D space.

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There is also a 'Hand of God' tool that enables players and coaches to pick anyone out on the pitch from different angles on the headset, including through players' eyes. They can also freeze moments to highlight certain areas.

The technology, according to Beyond Sports: "will make you a better player by training you to see where the ball should go, without the extra load on the body, which is great for injured players, who can keep on training."

While Arsenal's senior players are opposed to this type of training, the club will keep it around for their youth players.

A spokesperson for Beyond Sports said: "Youth Academy players will also be able to train at the speed of the first team, making them ready for the first team a lot earlier."

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