By 90Min
October 21, 2017

On Wednesday evening, during Barcelona's Champions League showdown against Olympiakos, Lionel Messi was caught on camera while taking something out of his sock and eating it. 

The gesture sparked debate on social media, where users started wondering what the Argentine star had taken and of what use it could have been.

David Ramos/GettyImages

General opinion suggested that it was either a glucose tablet or something sweet to keep energies up during such a fast-paced game, but Spanish website  SPORT revealed that it was neither of them. 

The Barcelona captain wasn't actually in need of sugars, but rather of something to battle a problem with his stomach. 

Messi reportedly took a pill of Almax, a medicine that usually tackles acidity and heartburn. Barcelona's captain has been affected by this problem before and has often been pictured feeling sick or actually being sick. 

This pill certainly had the desired effect. Despite Pique's early red card, Barcelona not only won by 3-1, but also, as usual, relied heavily on Messi, who scored two goals and confirmed his team as the undisputed group leader. 

Whether it was just a sudden pain or something more recurring, the Argentine will have a chance to deal with it next week, as he asked manager Ernesto Valverde not to play him in Barcelona's Copa del Rey match against Murcia. 

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