Report: Barcelona Committed to Staying in La Liga Should Catalonia Get Independence

Barcelona are determined to stay in La Liga, even if Catalonia gains independence from Spain.
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Barcelona are determined to stay in La Liga, even if Catalonia gains independence from Spain, according to the Daily Mail.

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu confirmed in the club's annual general meeting yesterday that the Catalan giants would be determined to stay in La Liga:

"You can be sure that this board will always act in the club's defence," said Bartomeu.

"We will never put the club nor its presence in any competition at risk. That's why, to all the socios (members), I say that we want to continue playing in La Liga and, as of today, our participation (in La Liga) is guaranteed."

"It's mutually beneficial for La Liga and Barcelona for that link to continue."

The Spanish cabinet are set to hold a special meeting to deal with the current Catalonia independence crisis.

This will be in reaction to the letter received by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, where Catalonia's president Carles Puigdemont threatened a formal declaration of independence.

Bartomeu had previously said the club's members would be able to help decide Barcelona's future, however his most recent statement suggests the decision to stay in La Liga has now been made.


Barcelona are one of the biggest club's in the world let alone La Liga, such that it seems beneficial for both parties to keep the Catatal giants in the league.

Barcelona are forecasting a record revenue of £801m for the 2017-18 season and are attempting to find a sponsor for the Nou Camp, which they hope to rebuild, such that leaving La Liga may threaten such plans.

Bartomeu went on in his speech to condemn the arrest of two Catalan leaders:

"We know that Barca is 'more than a club' and must be a space for harmony and respect," added Bartomeu. 

"There must be respect for everyone, minorities and majorities, all institutions and people. For that reason, it's unacceptable that in this century there are people in prison for their political ideas."