Premier League 'Big 6' Accept Defeat in Fight for Bigger Overseas TV Revenue Cut

The Premier League's powers won't be receiving more of the overseas TV revenue as they'd hoped.
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The Premier League's 'big six' have accepted defeat in their push for a larger chunk of the £1bn overseas TV revenue by cancelling a meeting that was scheduled to be held on Wednesday after being made aware no agreement would be made. 

The clubs consisting of Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are wanting to change the current agreement, which came in during the English top-flight's inception 25 years ago, as they believe they bring in more viewers than the other 14 teams in the league. 

A meeting had already taken place between all 20 sides, but the 14 pros who were needed to make the alteration could not be reached.  

In an attempt to appease the six, the Premier League's executive chairman, Richard Scudamore, had put forward a model whereby 35% of the total TV incomings from abroad are assigned by league position. 

It seemed West Ham United, Leicester City and Everton were in support of the percentage structure and had joined their fellow English clubs' plight, however the remaining 11 were not so keen. 

It is understood that Stoke City, Swansea City and Crystal Palace are the three who are most against the changes, and that Eagles part-owner Steve Parish gathered the remaining 14 teams ahead of the last vote to be sure there was enough opposition to stand firm. 

However, according to The Guardian, it seems the 'big six' have now been forced to admit defeat in their quest to secure a bigger cut of the pot, with the meeting scheduled to take place in London cancelled due to the lack of a possible agreement. 

It is though the Premier League are not concerned that this setback for the title challengers will be one to spark a move away from the English top-flight to form a European super league, with any such move needing the approval of UEFA before taking place.