QPR Ordered to Pay World Record Finacial Fair Play Fine of £40m After Three-Year Battle

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Queens Park Rangers have been ordered to pay a world record Financial Fair Play fine of £40m after losing a three-year battle with the English Football League, the Telegraph have reported.

The London club were found guilty of breaching FFP rules during their promotion campaign in 2013-14.

QPR claimed that the sanctions imposed were "unlawful" and that the fine was “disproportionate”, but their complaints were dismissed by an arbitration panel.

The club have confirmed that they will appeal the verdict in an attempt to avoid what is thought to be the largest fine ever issued in sport.

QPR chief executive Lee Hoos said: “We are understandably disappointed with the decision and will be appealing.”

EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey, meanwhile, said: “This decision vindicates the approach of the EFL board in defending this challenge. The board will continue to enforce our rules on clubs to protect the interests of those that do comply.”


The fine is almost double that which Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain were forced to pay for breaching FFP regulations three years ago.

Rules were enforced in the Championship in 2012 which permitted teams from making a loss of £8m, punishable with a fine for those that earned promotion.

After winning the Championship play-off final in 2014, QPR reported losses of £9.8m, considerably less than expected. Tony Fernandes, now the club’s co-chairman, and other shareholders had written off £60m in loans as an "exceptional item".


That was not deemed acceptable and they were issued with the £40m fine. A three-year battle ensued, and QPR have emerged unsuccessful. 

Harvey added: “The board understand the challenges that this decision could create for our valued member club and will work with them, as and when the matter formally concludes.”

Premier League clubs Leicester and Bournemouth could also now be set to receive fines for their losses in their respective promotion campaigns.