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October 26, 2017

Everyone has a 'what if' moment in their life, but of course some are much worse than others. And in the case of Croatian Roman Brnada -  if he's telling the truth - it's quite awful.

Brnada made claims of being offered to join Newcastle many year ago, but rejected the opportunity and now makes his living busking in the town square while also working as both a goalkeeper and goalkeeping coach.

Image by Kavan Flavius

The stopper had an interview with 24 Sata in Croatia recently (H/T Sport Witness), and explained: “After a game, I was approached by a gentleman asking me if I would go abroad to England. I was surprised, and he told me he was at Newcastle and he was a goalkeeping and junior coach there.

“He told me I would play in the second or third leagues, but that money is good. My wife did not want us to go."

Image by Kavan Flavius

Brnada also claims to have almost joined Croatian club Dinamo, but that didn't come to fruition either. 


He now earns around £59 a month as a keeper and another £59 as a coach, and the most he has ever made in the town square in a day happens to be £107. There was a rare day on which he made £451, but that was in some other town.

“The plan is to move more towards music," he added. "But it’s safe to be able to continue as a goalkeeper coach, but music will be in the foreground."

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