Lazio President Accused of Anti-Semitism as Leaked Audio Reignites Club Racism Row

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Lazio's club president appears to have reopened the row over supporters' anti-semitic views after leaked footage criticising a potential visit to a Roman synagogue emerged.

Claudio Lotito was caught stating his desire to "get this charade over with", according to Football Italia, as Lazio bid to end the furore surrounding their fanbase's terrible attack on Jews and bitter city rivals Roma.

Lazio's contingent of ultra supporters sparked outrage on Sunday as they handed out stickers adorning Holocaust victim Anne Frank in a Roma shirt at Stadio Olimpico, with the material in question also found to have anti-semitic messages on it.

I Biancocelesti attempted to nip criticism in the bud by organising a series of trips to Auschwitz - the Polish district that housed one of the biggest concentration camps of World War II - and to a Roman synagogue, but leaked audio of Lotito will only raise further questions about a widespread problem with the Jewish community within the club.

Lotito appears to show signs of frustration at having to carry out the visit, and even goes as far as to suggest that taking part will be a waste of time for all concerned.

He is alleged to have said: “Will the Vice-Rabbi be there? Is there only the Rabbi? They're not worth anything. You see what we're up against? The Rabbi's in New York, the vice Rabbi.


“Let's just get on with this charade, do you know what I mean?”

Lazio's senior stars had also worn t-shirts with Anne Frank's face on them ahead of their match with Bologna on Wednesday as the club looked to placate the outcry from a small minority of their fanbase.

Matches across Serie A were also the venue for a number of readings from Anne Frank's diary ahead of Wednesday's games as the Italian Football Federation looked to draw a line under the saga.

Lotito's apparent comments, though, will do little to help Lazio move on from this episode and will only stoke the fires of this sorry story further.